Pack Liner - 70 L Waterproof Rolltop - Sea to Summit


Waterproofing your gear inside your pack is a must, and this durable, watertight, 70 D nylon pack liner with rolltop closure stops your precious items from getting wet.

Wet gear isn’t fun! The rolltop closure on this waterproof pack liner is ideal for the outdoors. The inner lining is white, allowing you to see the darkest corners of your pack easily. This pack liner is simple to use and will last the rough and tumble of camp better than any other. 


  • Measured to fit all One Planet packs
  • Size: 50 cm x 20 cm base, 90 cm high 
  • 70 L
  • 272 g
  • Durable 70 D nylon fabric 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Hypalon watertight rollttop closure 
  • Factory seam sealed with heat tape 
  • Bright white inner coating
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