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Stove - Wokstar Wok and Handle Kit HIRE/BUY

The ideal implement for group cooking, this Wok has a custom-made steel handle to allow safe and easy cooking for the masses in combination with our Wok Star Burner Kit. 


The Wokstar Wok is easy to pack and clean and great to cook in. The specially designed wok handle fits snugly into the Wok through a welded socket. It’s easy to insert and is incredibly stable during use.

  • Treated wok is ready to use
  • Industrial welded handle socket
  • Custom-shaped steel handle

Stove - Wokstar Burner Kit HIRE/BUY

An all-in-one, ready-to-go kit, the Wokstar makes cooking for large groups easy and safe.

Set up takes seconds: slot together the durable, three-piece stove stand, add the two burners and the magnetised windshield. It runs on methylated spirits so it's simple to adjust flame height and incredibly safe to use.

Combine with our Wok and Handle for the perfect group cooking set.