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Stove - Wokstar Wok and Handle Kit HIRE/BUY

The Ideal group cooking implement, this Wok with custom steel handle to allows safe and easy group cooking, combine with our Wok Star Burner Kit. 


Easy to pack and clean, great to cook in. Our specially designed wok handle fits snugly into the Wok through a welded socket. It’s easy to insert and is incredibly stable during use.

  • Treated wok is ready to use
  • Industrial welded handle socket
  • Custom-shaped steel handle

Stove - Wokstar Burner Kit HIRE/BUY

An all-in-one, ready-to-go kit, the Wokstar makes cooking in large groups easy and safe.

Set up takes seconds: slot together the durable, three-piece stove stand, add the two burners and the magnetised windshield. Running on easy to use methylated spirits is simple to adjust the flame height and incredibly safe to use.

Combine with our Wok and Handle for the perfect group cooking set 


Pack Liner - 70 L Waterproof Rolltop - Sea to Summit

Waterproofing your gear inside your pack is a must, and this durable, watertight, 70 D nylon pack liner with rolltop closure stops your precious items from getting wet.

Wet gear isn’t fun! The rolltop closure on this waterproof pack liner is ideal for the outdoors. The inner lining is white, allowing you to see the darkest corners of your pack easily. This pack liner is simple to use and will last the rough and tumble of camp better than any other.